File transfer failed when using LAN but not USB Packet

I’m new to LightBurn so I expect it’s me. I’m running a BOSS Laser LS1420. Everything seems to work fine when USB Packet to run jobs. I just connected via hardwired LAN and received an error message about file transfer error. It continued to finish the first 5"x3" image but locked up a/2 way thru the 2nd 5"x3" image. Tried the same file using USB and all was well.

Not sure what the difference between USB and USB Packet is.

What was the error message?

USB packet is more like the original Ruida mechanism for data transfer. It uses a driver to talk directly to the FTDI chip in the Ruida, instead of going through a virtual serial port driver. There should be no real difference, but I’ve found that some systems prefer one or the other. If the packet driver works well for you, keep using it.

Is there a way to send jobs to the controller so they can be loaded and ran ofline with graphics preview like it did using RDworks? At least when I’m not using features like grayscale engraving.

‘Start’ streams the job from the system running LightBurn. ‘Send’ downloads the job to the controller, allowing you to process the job “offline” as you ask.


Perfect! Thank you. :slight_smile:

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