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New to lightburn. I’m attempting to output to a small GBRL 10w laser machine. Tried drawing a simple shape and adding some of text. Hit the play button to check if it’s going to run etc. All looks good but when I print the laser homes moves for a brief moment and does not fire. I’m guessing I have a setting wrong but can’t see why the simulation wouldn’t highlight that. I have selected the laser model.

There’s a Preview tool in LightBurn that is very helpful.

Along the top toolbar, there’s an Icon toward the middle that looks like a flat-screen monitor on a stand. Click that and see what your settings will produce.

Do you receive any error messages from the Console window in LightBurn?

Please capture the screen and Preview on your computer with this tool:

and drag the image into a reply here so we can also see the preview.

If the Preview is blank, the ‘Cut Selected Graphics’ switch in the Laser window may be on, and you may have nothing selected.

Thanks for your quick reply. I’ve used the preview tool that you mention. That’s useful. The simulation seems to run perfectly, that’s what is surprising. Tomorrow I’ll send you some screen shots as you requested. It must be something super simple.

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