File will not run

I have a red and white Chinese laser and I get the following message on the control display ( Need more overshotting or laser aceleration.) Does any one know what it means and how do I correct it?
Thanks Bill

This is telling you that the system believes it does not have enough room to change direction, slow enough to turn around, without hitting a rail. Slow down and or move the job away from the edges to allow for the additional travel.

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Thanks for the info. I have tried both your suggestions and I still get the same message, And now a new problem I am using the USB cable to connect to the laser and now it connects intermittently. I have switched the cable end for end with no change. I tried a new cable still the same problem. I am running a 60W Red & Black Chinese laser and it was fine until yesterday when then gremlin struck.

For example: your bed is 500mm x 500mm. Your object is 480mm x 480mm

Above a certain speed, the controller determines that there isn’t enough space in the 10mm on each side of the image to reach the right speed in time to start the burn. It determines that the head would overshoot and thus, won’t allow you to run the job.

You can prove this changing the speed to~ 10mm/s and resubmit the job - it will accept it, but you don’t need to run it.

Or, keep the speed the same and slowly reduce the size of your object - it will eventually allow the job, once it determines it won’t go out of bounds.

If you’re using bidirectional fill, you can turn that off and see at which point it allows the job.

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