Files created in earlier versions are empty

I’m operating LightBurn on a Mac (OS 12.5), and just updated to LightBurn 1.4 (although the same thing was true yesterday on the last version). When I open files that were created back in 1.1 last year, they are now empty. My husband’s laptop is still running that version and the files are populated there. Is there a way for me to get these files to open properly in the newer version of LightBurn without recreating the files entirely? This makes me nervous about the files I’m creating now, and whether I’ll be able to open them in future updates.

As far as I know these files should be upwards compatible… the reverse is not true…

Maybe @JohnJohn knows if there is something in the structure that causes this…

Double check and ensure you copied them with no problem… usually the file size is a good check to see if it copied properly…


I just tested opening a file created in 0.9.20 in 1.4.00 and did not have a problem doing so.

Is it possible there’s something going on in the way that you’re transferring the files that’s corrupting the file? By chance are you storing the files on a cloud drive solution? If so, there’s a known issue with those corrupting LightBurn files.

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I’ve been in touch with LB support. I don’t know what all this business is about cloud drives corrupting files. The file definitely has data in it, it just appears empty when I open it. I’m not transferring files–I’m opening them directly from DropBox (which is where they were saved in the first place), so there shouldn’t be any corruption. I’ve never had DB corrupt files before. Why would it do that just to LB files?

If willing, please share a file or two that behave in this manner for you and we can check here. :slight_smile:

Switch Plate - Double Honeybee.lbrn2 (142.8 KB)
Boxes Template.lbrn2 (25.4 KB)

Both of these documents were saved directly to Dropbox and not transferred. Both of them open on my husband’s computer which is running LB 1.1.4. When I open them, there are no error messages, but the files appear empty (even though there is clearly data in each file).

Thank you for sharing. We are investigating further…

As a potential workaround; because your husband can load the file on his computer, - he should be able to save the file locally and then do a transfer via local network or USB key. This way, you may be able to recover the files in a working state. Please let us know if that helps.

Hey there. I did not think that was going to work but it absolutely did. I have all of the old files on USB now and I can access them from there. Thanks for your help! Does anyone know why this is an issue? Dropbox is typically a pretty reliable place to hold documents for a team.

Some feedback from Oz on the subject:

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