Files disappearing

I have been using Lightburn for a few months now and all has been sweet, but over the last 2 weeks we have had 4 files go missing. we work on them save them and the next day we go to open them and there gone.
even had our Material Library disappear two days ago.

anyone else had any issues like this?

All our files are saved on an unraid server, with no other files missing or issues, only the odd lightburn file vanishing.

Because you ask, no I have never experienced missing file or art libraries nor material libraries. (MacOS and Linux Mint)

Do you use autosave?

thanks for the replies, yes auto save is on and set to 2 min.

It only seems to be one of our computers that it happens on. we never work on the same files at once so not something silly like that.

I think we have found the cause of the disappearing files.

The computer that has been giving us trouble is a laptop.
If we leave lightburn running with a file open and close the lid, we get the very odd occasion where the file is gone when we open the laptop lid backup.

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