Files saving much smaller

Every time I retrieve a saved project in lightburn it will come up so tiny you dont even know its there alls you see is the squares until you blow it up. It just started doing this about a month or so ago…

Can you share a file here that’s exhibiting this behavior?

What version of LightBurn are you on?

The circle on the right is the saved file, the circle on the top is the engraving laser grid

I have no idea why the saved project would not download larger than it is.

Is that how the file opens?

Hard to tell from the photo but it seems like you probably have a few objects situated at extremely far distances from the workspace. Because of that, if you frame to selection LightBurn will have to zoom out super far to frame all the objects.

Based on your selection handles it looks like you may have more distantly placed objects than just the one on the right. Try to track those down and either delete them or relocate them on the workspace.

If you wanted to do this forcefully you could do a select all (ctrl-A) and then Arrange->Move Selected Objects->Move to page center.

When I first started using lightburn they always saved normally now it’s like I have to find them after importing because they are so tiny

These are imports? Or you’re opening existing saved files? Step me through your workflow as that might be contributing to this behavior.

I have a project that I want to save
So I click on file save as, lightburn project lbrn2, click save and it’s saved super tiny
When I retrieve the file that I saved I click file, import click on file that I saved it opens up in lightburn and it’s extremely small and I have to search for it. I also have lightburn 1.1.01

First one is how they used to save
Second one is a dot that’s how it saves now

Instead of importing the file into a new project I suggest you use File->Open and directly open the file.

If this is art you use on a regular basis I suggest you leverage the Art Library to store commonly used designs in a single location. You can open the Art Library by going to Window->Art Library.

If you prefer to continue to work in your current model make sure that there are no stray shapes anywhere in the design when you save the file. Check this by doing a Ctrl-Shift-A. This will put all objects in frame. Eliminate all unintended shapes. When importing they should then be where you expect them.

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