Fill acting completely different depending on how selected

Not a big deal, but would really like to know what is going on so I could take advantage of this in the future. When I select the sgt slaughter image, by either crossing box or point/ click, it fills everything including blue, except for the chevron. If I select both sgt slaughter image and text with crossing box, only blue scans. If I select both images, click, shift click, sgt slaughter image fills in including blue but not chevron. I have also successfully selected to scan everything except the blue.
File attached.

Slaughter.lbrn2 (59.6 KB)


I assume you have “Cut selected graphics” enabled in Laser window. With that option, literally only the selected portions of the design are processed for burning.

Since the the design is made up of overlapping components, when you select only a portion of the design the other parts of the design are no longer considered for the burn. You can look at the constituent components of the design by dragging away parts of the design. It also sounds like you may not be aware of how vector graphics work in general. The necessary part you need to understand for this is that overlapping portions of 2 closed shapes will result in negative space, so will appear as unfilled. Non-overlapping portions will appear as filled.

This is one of many reasons that we don’t recommend using LightBurn with filled rendering enabled all the time - It makes it more difficult to see which parts of the project are selected, and can hide things behind filled shapes.

If you are using ‘Cut Selected Graphics’, PY is correct and you’ve likely selected only the outline (or two outermost lines) of the design, and not all the contained shapes as well. If you group the whole thing, then you’d only be able to select it as a whole, which would prevent the behavior you’re seeing, but would also make it potentially harder to edit.

This is how LightBurn sees your file:

And the way you have it grouped means that when I select the outermost line, I get the other bits shown in dotted lines here too:

So, when only those are filled, you get this:

Thanks for the explanation. Helps.

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