Fill and Line not matching up on work piece


I swapped to a 6445G Ruida controller sometime last year from the Leetro on a lightscribe/ HPC 6090 machine.

After the initial set up and some issues I starting making with success when making singular items only.
As soon as I start to Line & Fill items and use the array function my engravings do not marry up with the outlines. This also happened for line items cutting and outlining.

Long story short the X stepper had decided to give up and I thought that was my worry over and continued once it was replaced. However coming back to the array function for a little project it seems the problem is still present.

See images and file attached of Christmas decoration (airplanes have shifted inside the outline) and latest project (you can see the center circle I have engraved has shifted)

I have adjusted the step length on the X axis several times with not success prior to changing the stepper motor and done the relevant tests to ensure step length is accurate.

Any help will be much appreciated,
Xmas charity reduced.lbrn2 (347.7 KB)

This is either a mechanical issue or a controller/transfer error.

If you ‘Send’ the project to your laser and view it on the controller’s display before starting the project, do you see the shifts in the design? If so, try clearing files off of your controller - Ruida controllers can get a bit weird when their memory is close to full.

On the mechanical side, check to make sure your belts are tight, the wheels are not snagging anywhere, the laser head is mounted firmly and not wobbling, all your stepper pinions are snug, none of the set screws are loose, and that there is no dirt or debris on the rails.

You can also try reducing the ‘Idle Speed’ and/or ‘Idle Acceleration’ in your Machine Settings (‘Edit’ > ‘Machine Settings’) - that will reduce the speed at which your laser moves between shapes, which could help prevent loss of position.

Thanks for the advice,

I had transfer issues during set up of the controller via USB files were corrupt.

Mechanically I have had the gantry apart and back together again for the replacement of the X axis stepper that died, I have gone through all the pinions and checked them out during that rebuild so everything should be tight, however I will check again to eliminate that from my fault finding.

Controller will be pretty full I will go through and delete everything and check the image on the screen also.

Idle parameters will have been generic from the controller installation documentation, I will alter and see what happens!

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