Fill and Origin on startup


Whenever I draw or import something in LightBurn the black layer is active and comes up with the layer setting “fill”. How can I change this? Is it possible to assign settings like fill or line to specific layer colors in the color bar down in the screen?

Also the default setting of the origin at this moment is up-mid. Can I change this to left corner?


It’s my understanding that the layers will maintain whatever the last settings that were used so you could use a set color for particular settings and never have to change that. You could also look at using the Library which I find very helpful.

The origin is set when you create your device the first time. This can be changed in the device settings in the edit menu.
Hope that helps

Any settings you apply to a color layer in LightBurn are sticky - they’ll stay that way unless overwritten, even if you close the program. Overwriting the settings means changing them by hand, or loading a LightBurn project file that has them set differently.

There is no “middle” setting for the machine origin, so I suspect you mean the Job Origin setting, which you can also change, and is sticky between runs of LightBurn as well.

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