Fill and then line

good day any advise will be appreciated, I checked Y and X calibration, I tried vertical and horizontal fill but still the same when I do multiple cut-outs of the same shape, copied and duplicated the shape, same result, ver bottom cut and very top cut


Not certain but this might be related to the known Ruida issue with “PWM Rising Edge Valid”. See here for more information and instructions on how to address. I suggest you take a backup of your machine settings prior to making any changes.

Configuring a Ruida - LightBurn Software Documentation

Thanks will read

the problem with mine is that I have 2 levels, first fill then cut. machine is 400x600. the machine first does all the fill, then the line cutting, the first 2 rows are perfect, but it goes out more and more rows 3 to 6

Do line cuts also get similarly farther out?

If you’re getting a very consistent drift I think it may still be the PWM rising edge issue. If this is sporadic, unpredictable, and affects both line and fill then I would look at slipping belts to be the problem.

Thank you, will check my machine. no issues if I do 1 fill and line(cut), the issue comes in when I do multiple, in this case 10 in a row horizontal, 6 rows high. the fill and line(cut) is 100% on the first 2 rows, but the last row is as indicated on the photo