Fill instead of clear area

I coverted a picture to vector. Most leaves convertet correct, so that i just get the outer lines filled. But few leaves get filled on the inside what they are not supposed to be. Even if i copy a correct leave and connect the nodes to existing lines it sometimes failes.
I use Offset Fill with 0.07mm steps. Changing steps doesn´t effect the problem at all. Changing the Mode to Fill will solve the problem, but that´s no option for my engraving in this particular case.
I added 2 pictures. The filled leave is an exact copy of the clear leave on the right. Can anyone explain me the reason why Lightburn is doing this? Or what i am doing wrong…
filled leave
filled leave1

Can you attach your file? It’s likely that one of your shapes overlaps itself and is confusing the inside / outside logic used by offset fill.

Is there anything i can do at the moment to solve the problem by myself? If not, when can i excpect the update? Don´t want to hurry, but i got 10 of wreaths like these to convert from an image to vectors :sweat_smile:

There isn’t anything that you can do on your end, no - It was a bug in the code that classifies whether something is inside / outside another shape.

The simplest thing you could try is cut the job into two halves - Left & Right - And run each half in just normal “Fill” mode so it’s not scanning across all the whitespace.

Was this an offset-fill only bug? Curious why this is an issue in offset fill but not regular fill.

Thank you a lot. This worked :+1:
Needs more time than Offset, but al least it works and needs less time than my attempt with filling over the whole whitespace.
Looking forward for the new update :grin:

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Regular fill mode does horizontal line intersections with geometry to generate the scanned lines, so it’s very simple math. Offset fill has to compute repeated offsets for the shape, and computing an offset is extremely complicated, by comparison.

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Got you. It didn’t occur to me that you were essentially doing collision detection when rendering the fill cut lines.

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