Fill is warped to the left, outline is fine

Hello and thanks for reading, I am very new to the topic of laser engraving, so therefore I might just doing a beginners problem.

I bought myself a rotary roller and tried to engrave an SVG I composed in Inkscape onto a bottle. The engraving is kind of small but that was only for testing and the resolutions isnt a problem.

As you can see the fill is warped about 30% to the left while the line around it (I ended the engraving before it finished) I correct. In the preview, everything looks fine. I tried 3 times with different directions and sizes but had always the same problem.

Does anybody have an Idea why this is?

Thanks you very much and best regards

There are a few things this can be.

If there are several small off-on manoeuvres and the acceleration is too high it can cause it to walk while engraving but it will make straight-line passes perfectly.

The answer is almost always - slow down.

I would adjust the traverse speed ( or maximum speed ) of the engraver to equal the engrave speed as a test. Doing this means that acceleration (between two different speeds) is not applied along a row of dots.

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