Fill issues on windows install

I’ve been using this amazing software for several years with no issues whatsoever, and I love it. I’m out visiting a work client that uses fiber lasers for marking their products. Unfortunately the fiber laser does not support Lightburn, however i noticed how terrible and clunky the software is that is proprietary to the device is. I suggested installing the demo of lightburn to use as a pre processor and editor ahead of loading the graphics into minilase pro se. we imported a logo graphic as a dxf on their windows machine and regardless of the view style or layer settings the logo would not fill. I loaded the same file into my mac laptop, and we also installed the demo on another mac laptop and both of them showed the logo filled with no problems. So far this seems like somehow a Windows issue, as we cannot recreate the problem on the macs, however no matter what file we use on the windows install it yeilds the same result a line result instead of a fill. Any help would be appetciated

What does Preview show?

What happens if you create a simple filled rectangle?

It’s not likely a general Windows problem as there are plenty of people working in Windows without issue.

Are you able to upload the DXF file for review?

Same result in preview still shows unfilled, sorry should have mentioned that. Yea when i draw a box or create text using the inbuilt tools those show correctly as filled.
Just so strange it only is happening on windows.

I will see if i can post the file it will take me a little bit thanks.

The most likely possibility is that there are a bunch of duplicates shapes. I’ve seen that a lot with dxf files sometimes. If you have duplicated shapes, they cancel each other out for the fill. You could try ungrouping everything and doing a Edit/Delete Duplicates to see if it can find and delete the duplicates. I’ve found many times with dxf files where I have those issues though, that there are a ton of other issues as well that make it quite onerous to try and fix the file. Sometimes it’s better to ask for a different file export type like an AI or SVG file, which can sometimes fix the issues and make it more usable.