Fill + Line problem. Not all Lines being burned

Model: AP Lazer 4024 (100 WATT)
Lightburn ver 0.9.09 on Windows 10
Settings: see screenshot
We have been having a reoccurring problem when using the “Fill+Line” Mode.

Burning on bamboo cutting boards, we are using the Fill+Line Mode and on three boards in a row the “h” in the word “The” only had half of it outlined with a line. Everything else had the Line run on it fine.

To fix it we put the “h” on its own layer, and ran it just as a Line with the same speed and power settings as defined in the Line portion of the Fill+Line setting and it burns properly.

Today we tried another one (modified with the name “Cathy”, pics attached) and Fill+Line didn’t burn the tops and bottoms of most of the larger text (see pics). There is a large amount of smaller text that has the Lines burned fine. Again, we put the text that didn’t fully burn on a new layer and ran it as Line and it burned fine (same Line settings as in Fill+Line).
Have seen same type of issue on a different project so it isn’t tied to this one cutting board project.

Any ideas?

My guess is that in the Line Settings at the bottom, your Min Power value is too low. You have a 100w tube, so the ionization point (minimum firing threshold) is likely to be higher than 10%.

I had considered that, but why would it fire fine when using just the “Line” mode with the same settings?
The next one we try I will nudge up the power a bit and see if it makes a difference.

There should be no difference - I’d double check that you got Min & Max power and speed all exactly the same.

I’ve triple checked that that settings were the same. I bumped up the min max power 1% for the Line setting and the last cutting board had the lines run OK when using Fill+Line.

I am having this exact same issue, but I don’t have the option to change Min Power; the box for it is simply not there. Is that because I have a custom GRBL machine? I am 90% sure if I could change min power, I would fix this issue. Do you have a special setting that makes Min Power a selectable option?

GRBL does not have the ability to set this. With some newer versions of GRBL you can specify a minimum PWM value as a setting in the controller. If your version of GRBL allows this, you can set the value to just below the firing threshold for the tube.

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