Fill mode not working

Total newbie
When I run any design in line mode it works perfect. In full and image mode the laser just moves back and forth in the same line over and over again . Anyone know why this is happening or how to fix it.

Can you post screenshots of the settings and what you are trying to achieve? Also the image you are trying to burn as well what laser you are using?

Even if I put a square on the screen and set to fill the laser just hurts back and forth in one line and does nothing :frowning:

1000 mm/sec?
LOL, I don’t think so. Turn that WAY down.

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It is a bachin 2500mw laser with a nano 3 controller

Oh man :woman_facepalming:t2: I just copied over what was in the engrave master program it came with. Clearly that isn’t right :joy::joy:. I have no idea what I’m doing

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I’m not a diode user so hopefully someone else will chime in with more appropriate speed settings for you, but I think that 20- 50mm/sec would be a lot closer to “reasonable” starting place than 1000.
And pay attention to units when folks suggest settings… 1000mm/min = 17mm/sec which might be reasonable, but 1000mm/sec is not.

This makes much more sense to me and I’m assuming trying to make it move at 1000mm a second is just timing the damn thing out :woman_facepalming:t2:

I appreciate your time commenting tho. I guess we all start from somewhere I do a lot of design and plotting for vinyl etc so laser is new to me

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max 100 move speed, then turn it up. it’s dependent on your laser and gantry abilities.

Hey, we all start from zero and work our way up. You’ll do fine, but the nature of the machinery sometimes makes for a fairly steep initial learning curve. It’s quite a lot more complicated than just sticking paper in a inkjet printer and hitting “print”.
Don’t get frustrated, just keep asking questions and be prepare to fail a few times along the way and you’ll get there just fine. It’s all part of the fun of learning.

Thanks for offering assistance, but this is not a speed and adds to the potential confusion. Speed, will always be formatted as Distance over Time. 100 is just a number. 100 KPH, 100mm/min, 100in/sec are speeds. :slight_smile:

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I learn something new everyday. By sheer chance I am adjusting the move speeds myself. Thanks for the input.

I delineate because we allow folks to choose the Units they are comfortable using.

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