Fill + offset error

new update is making my Offests and fill go wonky.

Check for double lines, canceling the fill? Turn off the onscreen filled rendering and show this entire shape selected. You can check how many shapes make up this part of the design looking to the status bar at the bottom.

Do you have “Fill shapes individually” set on those, or one of the others? (if you can attach the file you’re showing here so we can have a look, that would help)

I reinstalled 9.18 and it was fine. After all this Christmas ornament craze is over I will reinstall and see if it is still doing it. My workflow is more important to me at the moment.

Test Doc 1.lbrn (78.9 KB)

Use ‘Fill groups together’ or ‘Fill all shapes at once’ instead of ‘Fill shapes individually’.

unfortunately that adds about 20 mins a sheet time to the order, that won’t work for me. Ill just reinstall 9.18

If you set ‘Fill groups together’ it shouldn’t - you’d just group the pieces that you want filled with each other, and text does that automatically.

I see what your saying, That should work then. I am not sure what changed from 9.18 that caused it, but it was most annoying. Thanks Oz again, for the great support.!! PS, if you make a fiber program Ill throw money your way//

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