Fill Suddenly stopped working


I have an urgent problem. I was working with several files yesterday that were engraving fine. Today I have opened the file and the fill feature is completely out of wack. Can you please inform me on how to fix this problem as I have clients waiting for urgent completion of their jobs.

Preview and output looks like this

Can You please advise on what I can do to fix this ASAP

Much Appreciated

Not without knowing what this is supposed to look like. What is the source art for this project? What are the settings? More information will be required here to provide you any meaningful responses.

As a new user I can only upload one image sorry!
The original image looks like this,

I have seemed to sort out the problem by simply changing the colour of the logo in LB it only seems to be affecting black for some reason but can engrave fine in other colours.

Previews like this

Change the Colour

And now it Previews like this, and works fine.

Fill is working. You just have it set to a very large interval for the size of the object you are filling. This large gap between each scan line is controlled by the ‘Line Interval’ setting for that layer. You can adjust that by double-clicking the layer to expose the ‘Cut Settings Editor’ and adjust the numbers where I have highlighted.


You can also adjust that here as well.


Here are the results of adjustment to the line interval. The rectangle on the left has a smaller interval, or gap between each scan line, and therefore more lines per inch filling the shape.

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Rick, Thanks so much!
You are absolutely correct. I am not sure how but the interval setting must have been changed accidentally. I have adjusted and it works fine now.

Can I ask your advice on the interval setting for a 300 x 900 logo on plywood? What interval setting do you recommend for larger engravings?

Thanks again

I have only one, trial and error. There are many different looks folks are after, so this is more of a personal preference type thing. Some like a sharp crisp line around the scan, so they might use ‘Fill+Line’, others might change the scan angle or add a cross-hatch. Best is to have several looks to choose from for a particular desired outcome.

Much appreciated Rick, thanks for your help!

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With many of these controls, if you use the scroll wheel with the mouse hovering over them (even if they don’t have the keyboard focus) they’ll change. I might revisit this to make them have focus first, as then it’s sure to be intentional.

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