Fill text and full power

Have just installed a minigerble 3 in my k40
Everything has been great only when I set text to fill I just get a solid engraved block where the letters should be plus everything seems to burn at full power any suggestions
Alan :grin:

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Keeping a positive perspective is how to get through the set up.
Won’t be long now.

This could be caused by an error in the Wiring.

It could be the Pulse-width modulation (PWM) base frequency $28.

It can be other Machine Settings (laser mode $32 not on).

When the engraving starts and the engrave head on your K40 pulls away from the origin, does it start marking right away?

If you’re willing to share the lbrn or lbrn2 ‘project’ file, it’s possible that Your laser is set up perfectly and it’s just something unanticipated in the way the text was created or a particular outline was drawn around it?

You can also look at the expected behavior of the file in the Preview window.

Pics of the result are welcome and really helpful.

I always use the preview before i run. it lets you know if you have to change one of your lines. like 3 circles inside each other will not be solid. etc. one shuts off the solid fill. this happens in words also.

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