Filled AI file only outlining when run through boss HP 3655

Newbie question here. Brought in an AI file into Lightburn. In illustrator the shapes are all filled. When I open the file in Lightburn, all of the shapes are outline only. When I run the file through the boss HP 3655 I get only outlines. What am I doing wrong, or do I need to change in Lightburn so that the shapes I want filled burn on the laser? On the layer in Lightburn I have it set to fill.

It’s likely you have open shapes.

Set the layer to fill, deselect everything, then use ‘select open shapes set to fill’. That will show you if you have open shapes.

There are a number of strategies to close a shape, from node-editing to ‘close shapes’ command and Boolean edits.

My vector editor of choice is AI, too, but you need to flatten before export. And for ease of compatibility, I use svg rather than AI format to ensure no AI formatting artefacts (not a problem for LB, but it’s not the only app I use and svg is a better common file format, for me).

Thank you Bo. Will work through your suggestions. Also thanks for the Illustrator tips. Exactly the answer I needed.

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