Fillet between 2 intersecting Circles

Is there a way to selectively create a fillet/radius at the intersections between 2 intersecting circles that have been welded together? I have a shape consisting of multiple corners, and I would like the top sharp corners to be radiused, but would like to leave the other sharp corners as sharp corners. I can offset outward, and offset back inward to achieve the radius I’d like, but as mentioned it will radius all the other edges I wanted to keep as sharp corners. In the image shown, the left is original, and the right is with the “offset” trick. I’d like only the orange arrow’s location to be radiused, and leave the blue arrows as sharp corners.

Thanks in advance!

I can’t think of any direct way to do this. I’ll be curious what others come up with.

I think the easiest way to get what you want would be to cut both shapes at the same horizontal position, swap halves, and then stitch back together with “auto-join selected shapes”.

Thanks for the replies. I had messed with doing something similar (but didn’t really finish it as I thought there must be a better way). But this will certainly do the trick for now!

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