Fillet Tool Details

I understand that the Fillet tool works at any point where a line meets another line. However, I don’t see (or perhaps don’t understand) how to tell if a corner is comprised of 2 lines meeting or it it is a spline meeting a line or 2 splines meeting together.

For example, in the screenshot below, only one of these nodes will fillet, the others 3 do not.

So 2 questions:

  • First, how do I know in advance which ones will/wont fillet - Perhaps that one node is barely shade lighter? (Sidenote – anyway to make these nodes bigger on my 1080+ screen?)
  • Second, what can I do to convert these non-lines to lines that will fillet?

My guess is that if you zoom in you’ll find something like this:


A fillet will only fit where there’s room for it, so you’d need to remove that extra point.

In the case that one of the lines is a spline, is there a better method than the offset to fillet the corner?

At this time, no.

Not sure that’s it — This is greatly zoomed in - The full width of the part above is just 1”.

Post the file and I can have a look.

Thanks – Once I got in front of my PC, I zoomed in to maximum and did see an additional node. After deleting the extras and snapping to the proper nodes, it worked for one additional corner, but not the other two – Perhaps an error message would be helpful that indicates there is not enough room between nodes, can’t fillet node to spline, etc. I ended up redrawing the lines one by one, joined them and then was able to move on.

While I’m suggesting changes, I’ll go ahead and put my request in for zoom to node and/or center on node in the view tools, alternatively zoom to a drawn box.

Also, why is Break Apart under the "Arrange’ tab and Join under the ‘Edit’?

Break apart was added by a temp contractor and I never moved it to a more sensible location.

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