Filling a complicated shape, optimisations help needed

So i am trying to fill this shape, now the issue i have is it is a very thin line only about 1mm thick, but the laser engraves in lines, so spends like 20mins scanning empty space just to engrave for a fraction of a second. to then scan all the way back across to the otherside.


Is there an easy way to speed up this? I have tried pushing it to scan white space at 2000mm/min but sometimes it jogs and stops the project. right now its taking about 11 mins just to engrave this shape and i have to do it on ALOT of projects.

I have tried cutting the shape down and making it into a few smaller shapes but every time i do that it tells me that shapes are open and i cant seem to “close” them.
any advice would be muchly appreciated.

If it’s stopping the project using Fast Whitespace, most likely you have the “shock and movement” sensor enabled and set too sensitive. Try disabling that first (if you search here for “Shock and Movement” you’ll find the setting for it)

You can try using ‘Offset Fill’ - The output won’t be as clean, but it follows the contours of the shape instead of scanning back and forth.

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