Filling Around Text

I’m engraving two tone anodized aluminum, and trying to engrave around the text, so the text has the green anodized color, but the inner circle around the text would be the sliver metal color.

I have found some topics about changing the text to the same layer as the inner circle/shape, but for what ever reason it doesn’t seem to work on this design. I was able to get one letter to act correctly.

Any ideas/ tricks on how to get this to work?

Can you upload your project file please?

It looks like your text shapes are duplicated - the black lines are very bold and dark, which is a good hint.


You were correct all of the letters had a duplicate on top of them. I deleted that and it fixed the issue.

Thanks for the help

Oz, my eye doctor will be poor if he’s had you as a customer :face_with_monocle:

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