Finally got the Xtool RA2 rotary to work on my LM3

After watching numerous videos and reading posts on different forums I finally got the xtool ra2 pro to work on my LM3 with a combination of 3 different cables. The reason for this post is all the videos and posts I went through said when setting up the rotary to check the “Z” axis box not the “Y” axis. However, when I did that the laser would move about 1 3/4" to the right and stop and about 6 seconds later move back to the left and the rotary never rotated. Both the xtool and my lm3 came with a YYR cable. Today I went out to the garage and swapped the YYR cables went through the rotary setup but left it on the “Y” axis and it starting working perfectly.(tried the other YYR cable on the Y axis with no luck.) Don’t know why it did, just happy I can start learning how to program it and producing products!! Attached is a couple of pictures. The burn on the glass was a total “I don’t know what I’m doing” test. Didn’t know what settings to use and didn’t even focus. I used 20 in/min @ 100% power. Was very surprised at the result after doing a quick but incomplete wash.
OOPS, just noticed I posted the wrong picture for the cable setup. Sorry!!

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