Find my laser, no devices listed on the list

When I open LB I get a window telling me LB requires me set up a device…
I click the pages, “Find my Laser” and a flash of a screen appears and nothing. Sitting staring at a devices page listing no devices. I have an XTOOL setting right here plugged in. What to do now ?

What version of Windows and LightBurn are you running?

Newer versions of Windows should come with a device driver for the laser. Older versions may require you to install a driver before the laser is detected.

The latest version of LightBurn should detect your laser and install it with xTool specific configuration.

With LightBurn version older than 1.3 you should follow xTools instructions. You didn’t specify the model you had:
D1 - User Manual for xTool D1 LightBurn Software – xTool
D1 Pro - Use LightBurn to Operate xTool D1 Pro – xTool

D1 (not the Pro) and windows 10
I should mention I had the lightburn sofware installed in this computer about a yr. ago.
I have not used this desktop for programming. I have been using the accer laptop. (which works) I recently bought an 80 W OMTECH so I have updated my software to DPS. Thought I would try the desktop again but cannot connect.

So assume this is running an old version of LightBurn or have you updated?

If old version follow the instructions in the link. If new version then that would imply that perhaps your laser is not being installed properly in Windows.

In that case check Device Manager->Ports and make sure that the laser is being detected and assigned a port. If it’s not then install a driver from here:
CH340 Drivers for Windows, Mac and Linux (

Once a COM port is being assigned from Windows then LightBurn should be able to detect and setup a device profile automatically. If not, then go through the instructions in the xTool link.

Yes, I am running an older version.
I cannot upload version 1.3.01 because LB cannot find my laser. My computer shows XTOOL plugged into Com 3.

Assuming you’re current on the license you can simply install the new version over the current version. You don’t need to do it from within the app.

I cannot do anything in Lightburn because the “device setup required” window. Click on the Yes, it brings up the devices window, click on find my laser and I get a short flash on the screen then I am just looking at the list of devices page (with no devices listed)
I am tempted to un-install and re-install ?

You needn’t uninstall. You needn’t do it from within the application.

  1. Close LightBurn
  2. Install the update
  3. Open LightBurn
  4. Complete “Find my Device”. If device is not found, then follow instructions in xTool site and import the .lbdev file to setup the device.
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Did just that. Same crap. Frustrating.
Lightburn shows I am running version 1.3.01

What exactly did you do? And where does that leave you?

One method or the other should have definitely resulted in a device profile creation.

Download xTool-D1-V2.lbdev

Open link - Download & Trial - Try before you buy – LightBurn Software

Click on 64 bit version

Open file.

Click next (ect.) finish

Link will open Lightburn when finished.

List of devices page.

Click on find my laser.

Device discovery wizard. Click next.

Lightburn 1.3.01 windows appears.

Then goes to devices info window with no devices listed.

Instead of find my laser, you need to pick Import, then select the .lbdev file that you downloaded.

You’re a genius…
Thank you ! Thank You !

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