Finding and Framing in Lightburn

In the past, it was real easy to connect to Lightburn and swap between projects using Lightburn. I could have several different LB projects going and decide which one to send by selecting and deselecting my windows using the devices tab - I would go to a project, select “Ruida” in Devices and then select Com3 (I use a USB connection) . I could then frame my project and go.

Ever since the update that gave us the new “File List” box (That I have no clue what it is) , I find my connection ability to change on the fly (during projects) is gone and sometimes I can’t see the laser at all without a restart - which isn’t major but still a pain.

Any thoughts?

The File List window has been there for about two years now - it will let you view and manage the files stored on your controller.

I have no idea what you mean by “my connection ability to change on the fly” or “have several different projects going” - do you mean multiple windows of LightBurn open at once? That has always been touchy because only the first one you run will talk to the laser without jumping through some hoops. You could set up another laser device with the same settings, but with an IP connection (and just set it to something wrong). Then if you choose the IP version of your laser, it would have nothing to connect to and the other instances of LightBurn could talk to the laser instead.

The “new” part of the File List was an update not too long ago in which it automatically pops up as I select “Ruida” in the device menu. For me, this started a couple months ago.

As for “on the fly” - I have had no problems in the past working on a project and sending it to machine. As it runs, I could open another window of LB and work on something else. Then when the first project finished- I could close it and go to other window and select “Ruida/Com3” from devices and start that project. Now if I change windows like that, many times I have to reboot for the software to even find the laser.

Something changed, maybe a Windows Update or a LB update- but I haven’t changed any equipment.

The workaround seems to be to start project A and work on B. When A is finished - close out and save B and then re-open into the window A was in. Not a big deal but just wondering about the change.

Nothing on our side has changed that should affect how that behaves. LightBurn has always maintained an active connection to the laser. When your first job is done, if you close that copy of LightBurn, in the second copy, right-click the ‘Devices’ button and it will reset the connection, and that should be all that’s necessary if nothing else is talking to the laser.

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