Finding dot size for photoengraving

I’m trying to replicate the process from Russ on RDWorks Learning Lab (see at 13:37). I created a one pixel tall image that consisted of a row of alternating on/off pixels. I then set the width of the image in LightBurn using passthrough mode to get a desired DPI. I did this for several values I wanted to test. However, LightBurn doesn’t seem to like that approach. Nothing shows up in the preview and the time is at 0 seconds despite having a slow speed and several rows of tests. It will actually send something to the laser, but nothing happens when I try to run it.

So, my questions are 1) What’s the best way to do this test? and 2) What actually happens when you send an image to engrave (i.e. how does LightBurn process it and what kind of commands does it give to the controller)?


Ok, I think I’ve found the answer to my first question. LightBurn has a dot option when you’re in line mode. I’m still curious to hear any details anyone can provide on the second question. Thanks.

In pass-through mode you should get exactly one line of image per source row of pixels. In other modes, the system will resize the input based on the desired DPI. I’ll have to try the image you emailed to see how it behaves - it might ‘round down’ to basically nothing.

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