Finding Grbl control

After running about like a headless chicken worrying about port settings on my Linux laptop I finally got Lightburn set up and the Ortur laser moving around. There was one error message I got that I’m not sure about and that is

Homing cycle is not enabled in your Grbl settings.

Not sure where to set this, come to that I don’t know where the control is for Grbl on Lightburn.

Perhaps some one could point it out please.

Thanks a lot.


This means you modified your grbl $22=0 probably
Lightburn tries to home on start up of connection
You can $RST=* in console to get your ortur back to defaults

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As a beginner using Lightburn I don’t know how to “You can $RST=* in console” although I’m grateful for your help.


go to window → console
A new pannel will apear

Once you are connceted in the console pannel there is a box that says “type command here”
inpht there
press enter

Machine should respond with MSG: Restorign defaults

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Thanks, Gil
Just as you described, worked a treat.

Thanks again.


Great news!

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