Finding the license number within the program?

Good day,
I purchased my BossLaser used one year ago, and with came a version of Lightburn. At the time, I did download from the site & applied the License Key provided to me by the pervious user. Everything was good to go!
Now - I have a new computer, downloading I suspect the latest version and added what I thought was the original license code. It being a 5 digit number the previous owner wrote on the BossLaser tool box. It didn’t work and for the life of me, can’t remember/find if there was another document that I took the number from.
Is it possible to find the original license number somewhere within the program? How else would I be able to obtain this number?
Thanks in advance for the assistance!

Please email and include a link to this post for context, as we want to avoid exposing your private information here in public. :slight_smile:

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