Finger Joint Box

Small Walnut/Cherry box. Sides with finger joints designed and cut using Lightburn, Box was cut and glued as a single piece, then the lid was cut off on the table saw. It’s ready to be customized with some engravings. Snap to grid made the 3/8” finger joints very easy to make.


@Davemartin88 Very Nice where did you procure the hardware?

AliExpress. The hasps were about $10 with shipping for 10 of them.

Looks good. You may also enjoy this and similar resources:

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Thanks, have used that site before. I’m still learning the drawing tools in Lightburn so did this one the old fashioned way. I already had 4” wide strips of lumber so just did the finger joint cut at each end at the length I wanted so it was probably faster this way than even generating the box. It is a great site though with a lot of options!


Thank you for the lead. As a result I found other pieces to go with the hasp.




It’s amazing the variety and prices for hardware like this!

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