Finish position for laser head

I found some answers from 2019 but they don’t seem relevant to the latest software updates that I can tell at least. I’d like to know how to set position for where the laser head ends - rather than returning to origin. I have a box that I’m engraving the bottom inside and have to lower the bed to get the laswer head into the box then refocus. Once the job is done, the laser head wants to retun to origin and as I disovered, this messes things up as the box walls are in the way.
I guess I could select origin inside the box and and then I would need to reset my origin again back to prior position after the job as an optoin. I simply wanted to know if there was a way to set ending position for the laser head as a temporary position rather than having to reset origins over and over again.

I’m using Abosolute Position in LIghtburn. This is what I’m accustomed to since I’m using templates for this particular job and that’s the way I’m most familiar with.

In the Ruida controller there is a return position I believe, it’s got three options I think…

Edit → Machine settings

I think it’s right above the vendor settings…


Appreciate your assistance! Issue resolved.

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