Finished product photograph attached to file saved in Lightburn

Is there a way to attach a photograph of a finished product to the lightburn saved file?
Thank you

The first thing that comes to mind is ‘Alternate Data Streams’. I expect the LightBurn developers could implement this but I’m not sure how much demand there would be for it. Alternate data streams are available on NTFS, Mac and some Linux file systems (I believe from my very quick Googling). You might be able to implement it on a file-by-file basis but it would be very fudgy! You could alternatively zip your LB file along with the photo but I’m not sure how practical that is for you.

I’m sure someone with more up-to-date technical knowledge will come up with some other suggestions.

Hope this helps.


I doubt it. However, I “link” the LB file to images by giving both the same name (the extensions will be different). If there are multiple images used in a project, I append -01, -02, etc. to the image filename.


Thank you for your response. My thought was to have a photo of the finished product attached to the file as a visual prompt, and if producing another item it is visually available. Again thank you.

Thank you. I think this is the path I will go down. Thanks again.

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