Finished work, not finished completely

Tried to find an answer to my question but no luck.

I try to cut the pattern of a mandala, but in EVERY “path” there is always one small part that dont burn at all, it kind of stops and go to next job instead of finishing.

This makes it hard to “push” out the small pieces from the finished product. Any tips of how to fix this.

This error is at the exact same place for all simillar paths in the same layout.

If possible please post the lbrn2 file here for review.

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Flower skarp.svg.lbrn2 (154.3 KB)

You have Tabs/Bridges enabled in the cut settings editor. Switch that off and then the file should cut as expected

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Thanks very much. didnt know that setting. Regards /Newbie

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Glad it helped, Tabs/Bridges can be very helpful, here is a link to the Doc’s

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