Fire button not turning on laser

All of a sudden, my fire button is not turning on the laser. Also, when I try and change the power settings for the fire option, I can’t. Everything else works and I can run the laser and normally, it’s just that the fire button no longer works. I reloaded/installed the software, I didn’t uninstall and reinstall lightburn just reinstalled it.

What could be my probelm?

You said, “when I try to change the power settings for the fire button, I can’t” - what do you mean by “I can’t” - As in, you’re not presented with the option? It won’t let you alter the numbers? You broke a finger so you can’t type? … ?

If you can provide screen shots to show what you see, that might help. The Fire button doesn’t do anything particulary special - it just sends a couple GCode commands to turn the laser on and set the power low:

If you type these into the console, it should fire the beam at 1% power (assuming GRBL, with a $30 parameter setting of 1000):

G1 F100 S10

So what I mean when I say that “when I try to change the power settings for the fire button, I can’t”, is when I click on the up and down arrow to the right of the “Power” option highlighted in the attached image it doesn’t change the power percent,

Also when I click on the "Fire’ button, highlighted in the second image, the laser does not turn on.

If I use the codes you sent, the laser does come on, so the laser and the controller board are working, but not the software.

0.01% is not going to be high enough to see anything. Try 0.5%


I would change the power level if I could, but this is part of the problem. The software won’t let me make changes to that option or fire the laser!

It looks like your windows are vertically squished together, which is likely interfering with the ability to edit that value. What’s the resolution of your display?

And it won’t let yout just type a number in the box?

I uninstalled the software, cleaned up my registry and files, and reinstalled it. Everything is working now.

Thanks for trying to help.

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