Fire/Frame buttons incorrect behavior


With my Laser Master 3, I usually push the “Fire” button to go to the start position and then I immediately click on “Frame” to align properly the material. But doing so, the laser turns off during framing. So I have to wait the end of the framing process, click on “Fire” button again (to “virtualy” turn off the laser because it is already turned off due to framing) and then click on “Frame” to get a proper frame with laser “on”.

If I proceed like below steps, it works (but 99% of the time I forget the step to turn off the laser before framing :slight_smile: ) :

  • Click “Fire”
  • Move to/Adjust start position
  • Click on “Fire” again to turn off the laser
  • Click on “Frame” (laser is activated properly)

But these steps do not work :frowning: :

  • Click “Fire”
  • Move to/Adjust start position
  • Click or Shift+click on “Frame”

In the config, I have both options “Enable laser fire button” and “Laser on when framing” activated (Lightburn 1.3.01).

So I would expect that with these options activated, Lightburn would activate the laser while framing if it was not already “on” and would keep it active even if it was previously turned on by “Fire” button.

Maybe I am doing something wrong but I would rather think Lighburn does not properly keep track of actual laser state.
Of course it is not a big problem, but rather a quality of life improvement.


Is there any official bug tracker? Or any way to officially submit this as a bug?
As nobody commented, I do not know if I am the only one to have this behavior, or if people just live with it :slight_smile:

In ‘Edit > Device Settings’ you can turn on ‘Laser on when framing’

Thanks, but as said in my first post where I explained everything, I have both options activated.
The problem occurs if I activate the laser with “Fire” button to go to the start position and if I then click on “Frame” (so without turning the laser off). It only works properly if I click again on “Fire” to turn off the laser before clicking on “Frame”.

Ah I missed that - apologies.

I would advise you don’t click Fire to do this - simply click Frame to frame your work, and use ‘Tools > Position Laser’ to move the head to your starting point.

No problem :slight_smile:
Ok I will double check how it behaves using this solution.

I would think that “Set laser position” does not toggle the laser on.
Usually, this tool/function allows me to approximately position the laser where I want to start in my work area as it is faster than using move buttons.
Then I activate the laser with “Fire” and adjust precisely its position using the controls from “Move” tab.
And finally I click on “Fire” to turn off the laser (if I do not forget to do it because if I do forget, then the laser will not turn on during framing) and then on “Frame” to confirm that job is correctly positioned on my material.

But I am still learning how to use all Lighburn capabilities, so maybe I am doing it wrong.

The method you described is how I would do that, yes.

I’m going to poke at this with my LM3 later this afternoon.

As always, you’re welcome to submit feature requests to

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