Fire in my containment box

Had a small fire in my Sculptfun S9 containment box, it was a dumb mistake (didn’t know you can’t burn dollar store foamcore). Anyway, my Sculptfun S9 has some damage to the protective wire covering, now when I power up my laser, the laser starts burning and the PC has no control over the laser. Suggestions?

Seems to me you need a full wire replacement.
You have a short to ground thats causing the laser to just fire

Contact sculpfun support for a full wire harness
Also inspect for any other damage, like belts and the laser itself

None of the inputs to the laser module, when shorted to ground, should cause the module to lase.

So I guess I’m not following you thought process here…

A photo of the damage is actually helpful here


PWM is based on a ground reference. when you lose the ground reference ZERO, any small pwm signal will trigger the laser driver
Not to say, you can have - if wires are damanged - 24v pushing right Through PWM wire.

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I guess I understood you to say when they shorted to ground…


Got to give me some leeway on the technical jargons. i use them with a bit too much level of freedom! hahah

Replaced the wiring harness after if finally arrived…now I’m getting this error: Lightburn transfer failed 1.5.01 “there was a problem sending data to the laser. The machine may be busy or paused.” Any suggestions? Thanks