Fire LED button in move panel UI change

New user here. When testing and setting up my machine I need to do test fires of the laser (diode). I figured out how to make button active. It would be very useful and improve safety if the this button would change color/graphic or text if/when clicked to let the user know the laser is active from the UI. Thanks.

At least on macOS, the button stays selected/active (blue) when the laser is on. But here, the laser fires only sporadically/sometimes (maybe M04 is used instead of M03?). I agree that this seems to need some polishing.

Until this is fixed, I am using a “Fire 2 secs” macro (in the Console pane) with the following content:
G1 Z0.1; Need some tiny movement for laser to reliably activate
G1 Z-0.1; …and back again

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