"Fire" turns off after 10s?

I’d like the Fire laser to stay on until I turn it off to set up cut etc but it turns itself off after 10s. So I keep having to press the button twice to seemingly turn it off then on again. If this is a setting on my laser Two Trees TS2 anyone know how to change it?


I believe there was another user with the same brand of laser experiencing the same thing. The conclusion at the time is that this was likely a safety feature. If there’s a way to change this it wouldn’t be with standard GRBL settings. Two Trees may have configured a custom setting for this.

Perhaps check output of $$ in Console to see if they have configured any non-standard settings.

The Atomstack X20 Pro does the same thing.

Did you find a way to prevent this?

Hi sorry missed the the original reply.

I’ve not found a way around this. LightBurn support suggested it was possible but not supported by them:
“There are test fire tutorials available online that will not be endorsed through support emails as the timeout is a safety feature, but tutorials around it are out there if you look.”

But even messing around in the Console with GRBL commands based on stuff I’ve found online the light won’t stay on.

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