Fires but low power

I don’t know why I’m getting very low power on this design. it’s enough to trace this image but not even close to cut it, doesn’t even register on my ammeter. this happened a week ago as well when I was trying to do a simple ramp test. I must be doing something wrong, please help. TIA

Can you post the file, or a shot of the extended settings you get when you double-click the black entry in the Cuts / Layers list?

…Nevermind old willie,screenshot for image I’m trying to cut

Turn off ‘Dot Mode’. That’s what’s wrong. More generally, if you ever have a layer that doesn’t work the way you think it should, click ‘Reset to Default’ at the bottom left, then apply whatever settings you want.

Should I have enabled cut through mode?..not really sure what that does

In general, if you don’t know what something does you don’t need it. :slight_smile:

Cut Through is documented here:

Thanks Oz…I’ll check that out

Will try right after willie…Thanks again, you guys rock

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