First business venture beechwood spoons any good?

Hi I have a new laser and would like to venture into selling some products. I notice personalized spoons seem to sell well and I did a quick check on ebay for prices and it seems beechwood spoons are the most affordable. Are these easy to engrave? what sort of settings would I be looking at using a Omtech 6o watt. I am total newbie so forgive my ignorance. I imagine I would want to engrave more then one at a time so would I create some sort of holding tray? any all help would be appreciated

You should post a link to the ‘spoons’ you are considering…

Most issues come about if the object is not flat… it is hard to maintain focus on a curved object…


Here are the spoons spoons on ebay they are curved. For now I want to just add funny text something like this etsy example spoon

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