First job always works, second send sometimes fails

I have a strange issue. Latest Lightburn on an Intel iMac running Ventura, sending to a Ruida controlled OMTech 60W CO2 via ethernet. The first job I send always goes through ok. The subsequent job has about a 30% chance of failing with a ‘failed to send’ error either immediately or part way through the transmission. If I send it again it always works. This is a hybrid wired/mesh ethernet/wifi setup that is otherwise utterly reliable so I’m not sure that’s the problem. It’s almost like the controller is ‘hung up’ on the first job somehow. Any ideas? Anyone else get this?

The Ruida isn’t the smartest and has issues when it’s memory gets full.

Use the File List tab in the cut/layer window to read and preferably, remove all of them, or at least what you don’t need.

The file list may need to be enable in the Window menu.

The Ruida only talks via UDP, so control is rather limited.


The file list is empty, I don’t store my RD files.

If you send your job, it stores it on the Ruida.


Sorry if I’m being stupid, but whereabouts? I can’t find any file storage area/setting except it 'says ‘tempfile’ on the Ruida screen. I thought it only held the current job to run the laser then dumped it.

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