First large non-test tile

Left over 13" square tile. Image I took many years ago.

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Very nice what process did you use? Did
You use the white paint process?
13” must have taken you a lil bit to process the burn?

Thanx for sharing



Yes, the white paint (rustoleum flat white painters touch). Preparing the image - quite a bit of work - using photoshop and image vectorizer to make it a line / fill image. I’m still working on doing an actual image burn, that’s going to take me a bit longer to master. I’ll post an update of my work on it.
And yes, the burn ran for 14 hours or so. My burn area is just 12x13 or so - so it’s not edge to edge.
My laser is home grown - used the frame from makeblock plotter, then I made an attachment for an endurance 10w diode laser.

Nice job keep us updated on more work.

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I might as well post the non-so-much-a-success tile too… - I can post the original picture when I get home if anyone’s interested. lacks detail in the highlights
This was a photoshop dither… burning another while I’m away.

Seems like trial and error is the only way to figure out the settings.

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indeed. For me, I think taking my old film images and preparing them for “pass through” processing in LightBurn is going to be my best bet. I’m trying to figure out the LPI that lightburn and my laser will best perform. I think I’m getting close, but like Wayne said - trial and error. Here is a 85 LPI of a straight black and white only (no gray) It’s doing pretty good - just some banding and other small issues I’d like to resolve.

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I’ve been searching for a medium to replace making darkroom prints. We moved out in the country, and currently are on septic and well, so I’m not fond of the idea of dumping darkroom chemicals into my drinking water. This is getting there. This was another burn on a left over tile from our back room. The model is Nettie Harris - one my my dear friends. This came from medium format film. The burn took nearly 3 days to complete. It’s 450dpi. The reflection of the dark areas look solarized, but I think that’s just a side affect. I ran the burn at 1000 mm/sec with a max power of 2.5%. I took this picture outside because it’s actually hard to get a decent picture because of the tile design.