First time activation

I read in a thread about the clock needing to be perfect for activation, (thread was closed, had to start new) My clock is spot on BUT, I have a Static IP that is a different timezone. Could that being causing the issue with Activation? Every time I try free or the actual activation, It says it cannot connect to the network but, click on buy new and we have instant website. I’m currently at home and unable to give my code, control ware but, wanted to try and do something first thing in the morning. If that is the issue, will I have this problem every time it tries to connect and should maybe do the offline version? Thanks for any insight ~Troy~

The clock has to be within a margin of “network time”, meaning you should have “set time automatically” enabled on your machine, otherwise it thinks you’re trying to defeat the license expiry.

‘Cannot connect’ is usually caused by a firewall or proxy, so if you have either of those, that could be the issue. Activation only has to be able to see the server long enough to exchange information about the computer.

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