First time mishaps Ortur Laser master 3

I bought a Ortur laser master 3 No problem assembling it but when it came to firing up, the instructions stated that a TF card needed to be inserted into the computer used then inserted into the laser. Looking at the TF card i didnt relise that it was a usb card with micro card inside. So after i loaded up the TF card on the computer there was only one usb slot for it to fit at the side of the laser where the power cable is inserted near the Wyfi, the instructions said that the TF card needed to be inserted at the back of the front panel near the reset button, obviously the usb TF card dosent fit the slot here, didnt relise or was made clear a micro card taken from the TF usb stick slotted here. So i assumed the TF card went into the usb port at the side loaded up the laser and then replace usb cable to computer. Now i have sorted this and placed the mirco card in the correct slot i proceeded to fire up the laser without connecting it to the computer. When i switched on the key the power button flashes white then to blue where the laser head then manovers to the bottom left side facing the front, when the laser is in position the power light turns green and then every 6 seconds flashes yellow three times then to green.

I downloaded lightburn onto my computer without connecting the laser just put in the details etc and bed size etc tyen conected up to the laser, done it manually suppose. on the right hand top panel on lightburn i clicked to console which showed me a message " waiting for connection" which just stays in this mode, nothing much hapens. Not sure if i have to start again or start again down loading lightburn while i am connected to the computer, the computer i will be using to be cutting using the laser. . Anyone know what the green light is with intermittent yellow flashing light is, cant see what it means in the manual


Seems you have not selected the right COM port
What windows version?

The yellow flash is normla, a warning not an error
This is the STA trying to connect to a non existent wifi

Hi Gil, thanks for your help, i am using windows 10 pro 64 bit op system, i have three coms ports on my computer, so its just a case of swapping to a different port until i get a connection, the yellow flashing warning me i am not connected. So when the power light in green mode will tell me i am connected… I will give this a go tomorrow and let you know the outcome. Many thanks Chris.

The light flash description is on the last page of the 1-OLM3 user manual located on the SD card.

Usually your olm3 will be asigned a COM port and stick with it, unless a windows update comes to mess things up
You can right click start menu → Device settings > Expand port
Plug and unplug usb you will see a COM port device come in and out

That is your OLM3

as per the yellow you can fix it to giveyour OLM3 the wifi data if you want in console, but is a warning, not a error so should cause no problems

While in lightburn though in console i would type
press enter
And post hereoutput to see if you ened a firmware update

Sorry i haven’t got back to sooner, been very busy with work etc.
I checked the com ports on my computer pulled the usb cable out from the computer ports while in settings as you said and i found that com 5 was the port for connection. I now get this message which i get now in the console on start up:

Waiting for connection…

Waiting for connection…


Ortur Laser Master 3 Ready!




GrblHAL 1.1f [‘$’ or ‘$HELP’ for help]





[MODEL:Ortur Laser Master 3]








Target buffer size found






[DRIVER OPTIONS:v4.4.1-dirty]

[BOARD:Ortur Laser Master 3]

[WIFI MAC:84:F7:03:E6:B8:88]


[PLUGIN:Power Detecter v1.0]

[PLUGIN:Power Control v1.0]

[PLUGIN:gyroscope sensor v1.0]

[PLUGIN:Trinamic v0.09]


[PLUGIN:ESP32 WebUI v0.03]







So i switched off the Ortur and closed down Lightburn and switched both back on again, just to test, seems to work fine, but on start up looking at the coms section of lightburn it goes back to coms 4 not 5, i have to click onto coms 5 manually every time, it doesnt do it automatically, not sure if this is normal. The laser head then moves to position and i am connected. The power light shows green for say 5 second and then flashes on and off, first blue, green, orange, green, orange then to green again for 5 second and so on. Did look at the light codes but did not find this. Looks like i am getting there.

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