First time user, question and thanks :)

I bought a 15w chinese diode laser from Amazon,

I’m a total newbie.

I am trying to cut 3mm clear acrylic but all I am getting is some burn through on the material under :frowning: any advice on how I can cut it? Tried using masking tape - that gets cut on both sides but not the acrylic :frowning:

Now, to the folks who made the software:
I spent two #%##ing days fiddling with Benbox, then with GRBL and then LaserGrbl then with Inkscape before finally finding your software and I’m never touching any of that other garbage ever ever everrrr again!

You guys did a lovely job! I was up and running in minutes, everything in one place, absolutely awesome! It was like getting a massage after 2 days of frustration!

Once I get this working and I’m sure I’m not sending it back to Amazon , I’ll be buying a license for sure!


Won’t cut because clear acrylic is transparent to visible light?

What should I do to overcome this? Special masking tape?

I know people cut clear acrylic so what am I doing wrong?

Do you know what the wavelength of your diode is? I assume it’s a blue/violet laser?

on the laser it says 450nm, 15000mW/15w


In order to be cut, a material has to absorb the energy from the laser. If the material appears transparent to energy at the lasers wavelength then the energy just passes through and the material is unharmed.
I don’t think you’re going to be cutting much clear acrylic with light at 450nm. The light just goes right through without being absorbed.

That’s pretty much what I am facing right now :frowning:

Any suggestions?

I do remember seeing some guy having some coating (that he peeled off after the cut) and he was cutting clear Acrylic… time to hit youtube again :slight_smile:
He was talking about having the right backing so that the laser bounces and the heat gives you a good cut

Was he cutting with a diode laser? Or was he cutting with a CO2 laser and the coating was just masking to keep from fouling the acrylic surface with condensed vapor and molten junk?

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Will check again, but sounds like I need to invest in a cheapo k40 co2 laser as my present one - just won’t cut it :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

AFAIK, clear acrylic can’t be cut with a 450nm laser. But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible, just that I don’t know…

If you do find a vid of someone cutting clear acrylic with an inexpensive diode laser please post it!
There’s still many things in this world that I don’t know, and I’m always up for learning something new. :slight_smile:

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