Fisheye camera to 60W Omtech for stability

Wondering if anyone has experience with mounting a camera to an Omtech housing using a fisheye lens. I don’t have the laser yet, but plan to soon. I’ve heard that mounting on the door is most time not repeatable which is kind of necessary I would think. So I’m wondering if mounting on the frame that is stationary right behind the hinges of the door is another option so it is not having to go up and down and always fall into the correct position each time.

  1. Will a fisheye even work ok in Lightburn?
  2. Are my thoughts about repeatability a concern for anyone else that has this setup? I’ve seen reviews that complain of this.
  3. It seems like only seeing your bed properly when the door is open is kind of a pain, I feel like having the door in a closed position to look at the bed is a much more secure and user friendly way of operating.
  4. Any other recommendations or things to consider?


I believe all LightBurn cameras are fisheye. The lens calibration process accounts for distortion correction.

My camera is door mounted. The only time I’ve had repeatability issues is if I’ve manually nudged the camera. And even then it will usually settle back to its original position. I’m going to assume this will depend on a lot of mechanical factors. Note that my struts are very fresh. I could see it becoming more of a problem as the struts begin to sag.

I make no use of the camera outside of alignment so this isn’t a concern for me. Incidentally, where it happens to be mounted provides a roughly 3/4 overview when the door is closed.

Note that the greater the viewing angle and distortion in the lens the more distortion correction that’s going to be required. That can get finnicky. Also, you’ll likely be leveraging less and less of the sensor area the larger the distortion so resolution is compromised.

You’ll need to consider what your priorities are. How important is repeatability vs placement accuracy vs convenience.

Great info, thank you so much for taking the time! This helps me out a lot. Do you happen to remember the specs/manufacturer of your camera by chance? Angle/MPA etc? Again, thanks!!

I have the LightBurn 8MP W 85 degree lens camera for a 700x500 mm bed. Can’t recall the exact mounting height but roughly 24 inches away.

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My lid is also not very repeatable, it is left to right but the struts don’t lift it to a consistent height. i simply opened it to its max (pushed it up a tiny bit more and then cut a dowell that length, then I just use that to prop the lid up. I find its an easy/cheap solution