Fitting inlay exactly

I am cutting wood veneer inlay and use one pass to cut the irregular shape in the background and another of the same irregular shape to fit in the outlined background. Due to the thickness of the laser beam, the insert does not fit snuggly in the background. Since the insert is irregular, scaling it does not solve the problem. I want to increase the size of the insert by a laser beam thickness on the outside of the insert. Any suggestions are appreciated.

This would be accounting for kerf, basically the removal of material due to the cutting implement.

There are 2 primary strategies you could use to resolve this:

  1. Use kerf adjustment setting in Cut settings
  2. Use offset tool to offset the cut line to account for kerf

You can determine actual kerf adjustment by measuring the actual kerf size and dividing by 2. To minimize measurement error I’d suggest cutting out multiple pieces in a row, then taking the cumulative amount of gap from kerf relative to the size of the remaining shapes.

If this doesn’t make sense I can elaborate further.

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That is exactly what I am looking for! Thank you very much

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