Flame alarm again

totally new to this have an ortur lasermaster 2 pro
and the flame alarm keeps going off
have read on here that flame sensor can be disabled by using $261=0 in console
am right in thinking you just type this in in the small console window ?
and is it permanently disabled

Correct and correct
Console is here, type $261=0
and the flame sensor becomes disabled untill turned back on

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thanks Gil

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What is the code to turn it back on?

@Loach I am new to this Ortur laser and Lightburn software.
But it’s common in programming for 0 to be OFF and 1 to be ON.
My guess is that $261 is the address for the flame sensor.
So $261=1 should be telling it to turn the flame sensor back ON.

I believe the value represents sensitivity level so not just a binary choice. Ortur indicates setting $261=70 to enable this. Here’s a screenshot from Ortur site:


I have been having the same problem but have identified two contributory factors

  1. Sunshine, including reflections off white UPC window frames. I have my machine located in an outdoor workshop, and opening the door allows reflections off the adjacent kitchen window and these always trigger the detector. Ditto when the sun came out and shone through a window.
  2. Smoke from the engraving process exacerbates this effect. I noticed if I do a cut near to the sensor the detector is triggered. Placing the cut item at the far side of the machine improved the situation. I am planning to use a 24V computer fan to blow air across the front of the detector to disperse the smoke (I do have smoke extraction but it is above the working area).
    I am using black foam-core boards as a temporary light shield and this seems to be solving the problem.
    I have only been using the machine for a week. I will report back with any further revelations.