Flashing all items on a layer by right clicking the layer in "Cuts" tab

I have 3 layers in this file. C00 is a cut layer and the other two are graphics to be engraved.
If none are selected then only the C00 layer flashes if Right Clicked.
If C00 is hidden then still no flashing of items in graphic layers UNLESS the item is selected.
UNLESS the two graphics are grouped. Then they flash normally but ONLY if the group is selected.
Seems like a bug to have to select the layer you want to find. : )


Layers don’t Flash.lbrn (13.9 KB)

Right-click mouse “flashes” all objects on selected layer only.

And if no layer is selected? Only Cuts flash?
I don’t think you tried the file.
Here is another one with more cut layers…they all flash whether selected or not. It is only the graphics layers that need to be selected to be “flash” enabled.
Here, try flashing any of the cut layers on this file.Layers don’t Flash.lbrn (17.7 KB)

If I “Break Apart” the graphics and leave them as scan layers then they flash as one would expect. No layers have to be selected. This tells me it is not about scan layers (images) but rather the fact that it is an image.Layers don’t Flash.lbrn (11.1 KB)

So, images don’t flash? I’ve logged this as a bug.

This is fixed for the pending release.

Thank you… …