Flaws in Burn - Need Help

Hey All,

Still working off the trial version. Love the software, easy to figure out but I’m having a slight problem with the finished burn. I’ve attached a sample using both a font I added in the Lightburn project and an imported vector.

I really want to purchase this software but I’m a bit hesitant to until I can get past this issue.

Please see the attached file; I’ve circled the areas that are flawed in red on this picture. I’m not sure where to look. These don’t appear on the preview.



That looks like something is loose on your machine, or it’s resonating when doing rapid back & forth moves.

I see faint traversal burns on the U, L, T, N… which tells me you’re engraving one letter at a time, and that means that for all the parts that are troublesome, you’re doing very rapid back and forth moves, instead of progressing across the whole shape at a consistent speed.

Start by making sure everything is rigid and snug - no play in the belts, no debris on the rails, and the laser head doesn’t bounce or vibrate. Then check to make sure you aren’t accelerating too quickly, and try using “Scan all shapes together” with a bit of overscan enabled and compare the results.

Thanks. Everything is tight. Perhaps moving too fast and accelerating as well as the other settings. Will test it tomorrow with your suggestions.

I often get a similar issue on one of my lasers where the lens sits a little loose unless it’s screwed in as tight as possible. Basically the thread for the cap doesn’t go down enough. A makeshift gasket holds it snug.